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I’m Chris Gilmore, a multi-disciplinary designer based in Portland, Oregon. I specialize in big ideas and building digital experiences.

With over 8 years of agency experience, I've worked as a creative professional in the eCommerce, brand, healthcare, utility, finance and automotive industries. I've worked with clients ranging from small independents to large global brands like Toyota, Reebok, adidas, Chipotle, Fjällräven, Denver Broncos, Lexus, Aflac, Wells Fargo and more. I have directed a number of digital campaigns for large, consumer facing brands and helped my team to produce award winning content. My work has earned awards such as Webby's (once in the "weird" category), W3 awards and ADCD Top Honors.

In my free time you can find me playing games out with my family, working in my garage, coming up with ideas for podcasts or playing some boardgames.

TL;DR I just want to design some cool stuff with some cool people.

Still not convinced?

" He’s just engaged and committed, and his work shows. His attitude and talent are a big part of our success on the Toyota project, and others. I find him to be a great collaborator not just with me but with the entire team. "

— Scott Donnell, Design Director

" Has memes for every possible emotion...Loves Shia Lebouf more than the average person "

— Annie Seighman, Senior Product Designer

" I still don't really understand what it is that you do. "

— My Mom

Master of karate and friendship for everyone.

Do you even lift?

Do you even lift?



Didn't read, lol.

Didn't read, lol.

Let me tell you all about that time I was on the Goonies pirate ship.

Let me tell you all about that time I was on the Goonies pirate ship.

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