Looking ahead

Looking ahead

PGE hired us to do a proof of concept for an iOS app to help customers manage their accounts, pay thier bill, and track progress on outages in their area. We were tasked with producing a fully funtional prototype, to be turned into a full fledged product at a future date. And this all took place in the period of 3 weeks.

This project was a great experience in the rapid prototype methodology and helped me nagavate my own flavor of the design sprint model pioneered by the Google Ventures team. We sketched, we pitched, we iterated, and we collaborated. I carved off the design work. This meant UI and a small, versitile system. V sual wizardry and some motion prototypes. Meanwhile, or UX architecht and iOS developer were sprinting along side me, leap frogging one another until our vision was realized in a fully functioning prototype that could take in live user data. It was a whirlwind but it was really fun to do!


Design direction, User interface design, Rapid prototyping, Digital strategy, Design system


Connective DX

Payments don't have to be painful


Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

The PGE mobile experience was the outcome of a 2.5 week rapid prototyping process. Working with UX and iOS developers, we were able to produce a working prototype that allowed a specific user story to navigate through the app with ease.

Below: Selection of screens from the mobile experience.


The payment flow

The payment flow

Example of a complete payment flow — from lockscreen to confirmation. The payment UI is built on the concept of cards sliding into the background as you make progress through the app. The user initiates payment, the quick pay card slides up from the bottom. Tapping "next" brings the next card in the sequence, pushing the quick pay card behind it. This allows the user to scroll down to dismiss the current card or peek at what's behind it.

payment flow

Outage detection

Outage detection

Besides payment, one of the major benefits of the PGE mobile app is that it allows PGE to alert customers to potential outages and provide information on what they're doing about it. The prototype pulled in live data from PGE's outage map in order to show how this alert procecss would function.


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