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Be more human

As the creative lead for the Reebok team, I was in charge of brand management, UX, and digital creative for Reebok e-commerce and the ReebokONE site.

During my time as Art Director at VOLTAGE, I was involved with a number of different initiatives for Reebok. The largest focus was the eCommerce site. But I worked on other innovative projects like the Showroom Shopping Experience, Instagram Store, Seasonal lookbooks, CrossFit Store & Support site.

I led a team of designers that worked extensively to improve the user experience of the Reebok e-commerce site. Reebok has seen a 200% growth in online sales and in 2013 we won a webby award for the Reebok e-commerce site.

Below are a few key moment of my time on Reebok.


Design direction, User interface design, Brand management, Digital strategy


VOLTAGE Advertising & Design


The CrossFit Store

The CrossFit Store

Reebok is the leading sponsor for CrossFit. They partner with the brand to produce CrossFit gear and help sponsor athletes to compete in the CrossFit Games. I helped design a micro site for the Reebok athletes where you could keep track of thier stats and find out what gear they recommend.


Reebok customer support

Reebok customer support

Like many large consumer brands, Reebok wanted to cut down on calls to the support line while offering premium customer support. I lead the design process for concepting and testing the refresh of the customer support portal. UX provided the data for the most frequently used support items, which we brought to the front as large buttons while placing a secondary emphasis on search. This was a lot less of a flashy project and very much more technical but it was fun to be able to solve an important problem and was a break from the brand heavy campaigns I was also managing.


Reebok Showroom App

Reebok Showroom App

Brands everywhere are trying to establish a shopping experience where every product is available to you in the store, whether they have it in stock or not. Reebok began plans to launch pop-up showroom-styled boutiques across the country. These showrooms would have limited quantities of top products. Reebok needed a solution that would allow shoppers to show the endless aisle of their eComm experience.

These pop-up stores are being run by local fitness experts as a place people can meet up for run clubs, yoga classes, and impromptu fitness centers. In turn Reebok wants to promote their products while keeping a limited supply of physical items on hand, allowing users to shop on the app when the physical product isn’t available in store. The way it works is that you can shop from the iPad Pro located in every store and when you are ready to check out, you simply connect your phone to the iPad via a personalized code and the items are directly added to your cart. This allows the app to not save any sensitive personal information in the app itself and the customer can continue shopping wherever they choose to go next.


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